27 Agustus 2008

Prince william

Kate Middleton and Princess William Is Engaged!

Kate Middleton has left her job in the fashion industry amid speculation that a royal engagement is on the horizon. Prince William’s 25-year-old girlfriend quit as an accessories buyer for High Street store Jigsaw after less than a year, telling friends she wants “some time to herself”. Sources close to Jigsaw said that she was never committed to her job anyway, so her leaving was not such a big deal. She only works four days a week to accomodate the jet-setting life of her royal boyfriend. It is believed she has been offered a job selling luxury yachts from an office next to Clarence House, Prince William’s London base. One said: “She just seems to be killing time until William finally pops the question, which seems a little desperate in this day and age.”

Earlier this year, the couple’s relationship lay in tatters after the second-in-line-to-the-throne got cold feet about their four-year romance. But six weeks of watching his ex-girlfriend flaunt herself in a series of revealing outfits was enough to prompt a change of heart. How silly it is!



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