14 Oktober 2008

Monster Tadpole

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One of the most unexplained mysteries of the the world is the Monster Tadpole, as can be seen above.

It was seen on Hook Island in Australia's great barrier reef on December 12, 1964 by Robert Le Seoreo. When the monster tadpole reportedly lifted its head out of the water, Robert Le Seoreo fled in horror.

Evaluation of Picture

Firstly, the scale is very hard to judge. The only indication of scale is the boat in the background, which doesn't help much. With the aid of this and a discription, we can judge the creature is around 65 feet long. According to the discription of the man who took this picture, it has a wound on the side.

Around halfway down the picture, a wound or break in the creature is clearly visable, however it looks more like a chunck of the creature has been bitten out. In all likelihood the creator added the wound detail to cover his tracks.

In regards to the picture being photoshopped - it would take an expert, to say the least. The image is underwater, and the water above the creature and light reflecting off of it would take a photo shop genius to create.

There is almost definatley something there.

The model theory is a popular one, that states that he made a model and left it there before hand. I've never really cared much for this theory, as the model would either sink or float. It is doing neither.

The school of fish theory is also popular, and does well to explain the break in the creature, however the creature has details a school of fish would not be able to produce, such as the two eyes at the front of the creature. Also, the image would not be so perfect - That is, there are no other breaks besides the wound, no scout fish or fish further out to the side. The school would have to become suddenley dense, rather than gradually.

The oil theory states that it is just spilled oil. This would not account for the detail, or any other factors really.

One intresting point is that tadpoles cannot live in sea water, only fresh water - The creature would have to be a completley independant species or some kind of sea snake.

Much contraversy sorrounds the picture; Claims are made that the man had told friends about the scam before hand.

Overall, I'd say this picture is either a model or an actual creature - We can only look on and wait as more sightings appear.

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