14 Oktober 2008

Miyagi sensei words

"If you practice only Sanchin all your life, you do

not have to practice any other Kata. Sanchin is so

essential and important."

“The hand position at the ending of Sanchin is the

same as that of a Buddha statue."

"Goju is the willow tree blown by the strong wind,"

"There is no one who have eyes at the back of his

head. However, when I walk along the road, in some

cases I feel something strange. I think it is the

so-called sixth sense."

"Studying karate nowadays is like walking in the dark

without a lantern. We have to grope our way in the

"There are so many things in karate which does not

make sense and there are a lot of things I cannot

understand. Therefore, while our grand masters are

still alive, we have to see them and ask many

questions. I think it is still very difficult to find

the answers even if we did so."

Teachings of Chojun Miyagi Sensei

“Do not be struck by others. Do not strike others. The

principle is peace without incident.”

"You must, above all, learn the art of true and real

patience. Follow the WAY of patience to the seventh

power and never be in a hurry to learn. Always think

first and avoid acting rashly. Never harm anyone or

let yourself be harmed."

”A large space is not required.

It can be practiced alone.

Its practice does not require much time.

Men and women, young or old, can practice karate, it

depends entirely upon one's constitution. Proper kata

can be selected and practiced at one's discretion.

One can practice with empty hands or the use of simple

equipment can also be employed without much expense.

Training in karate improves one's health. This fact is

evident from the physical condition of aged


Physical and mental unity develops an indomitable


Chojun Miyagi Sensei

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