11 September 2008

Tentang Bermuda Triangle

There's apart of the Atlanatic Ocean where many small boats,ships and palnes have disappeared,andnobody knowswht.The place is called the Bermude Triangle.
One of the most famous stories about the Bermuda Triangle is the strange disappearance of Flight 19.On 5th December,1945,five planes flew across the Bermuda Triangle.There were fourteen man on on the planes .None of them ever returned home.One of the pilots was heard on his radio.He said that their compass had stopped working .He said taht he wasn't sure where they were Nobody ever found either the bodies of the men ,or any part of the planes.The legend of the Bermuda Triangle had begun!
After this, there were many more stories about strange disappearances.According to these stories,more than fifty ships and twenty planes have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in the last hundred years.People wrote about the area in articles and books.There were programmes on Tv and people strted talking about strange forces,aliens and spacecrafts .The mystery grew and grew.
However,there may be natural explanations for the disappearances to.Firstly the weather in the Atlantic can be un predictable.There are often sudden storms.Secondly in that area,the ocean suddenly becomes very deep.This causes all sorts of dangers,especially for small boats .Often the owners of small boats don't know enough about dangers of the area.
Some people argue taht there is no mystry and that nothing needs explaining.They believe that the number of disappearances in the area is not unusual for an area of its size and locaiton .Also,many of the disappearances that have been reported actually happened outside the area of the Bermuda Triangle.
But what about the disappearance of Flight 19?How can we explain that?There was a storm on that day,andthe planes didn't have modern equipment:Perhaps the pilots simply got lost,ran out of fuel and crashed somewhere in the ocean.
One thing is true-people like mysteries:For that reason yhere will always be a mystery about the Bermuda Triangle.

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