10 Oktober 2009

10 Tips for the TOEFL Essay

1) Read the statement carefully and make sure you understand it. Always decide on what you are going to write before you start. Make a list of your main points.

2) It should be easy to identify the introduction, development and conclusion. Each section should have at least one separate paragraph.

3) Type or write in a clear, large script.

4) Address the entire question or statement, not just part of it.

5) Learn the rules of English punctuation and use them. Each sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a period, question mark or exclamation point.

6) Write short, simple complete sentences. This style sounds strong in English
7) Do not begin sentences with the conjunctions and, or, but or with because.

8) Make sure that each sentence has a clearly identifiable main subject and main verb and that they agree in number and tense.

9) Use a variety of sentence structures; at least one question, passive voice sentence, conditional sentence, complex sentence, etc.

10) Use specific examples or reasons to support your ideas. Stories or examples from your personal life are best. Remember, no one is checking up to see if these stories are true.

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